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  • Jeffrey Roblow's  photo

    Jeffrey Roblow

    Jeffrey Roblow is the Louisiana Lottery's latest big... More
  • Virgil Jordan's  photo

    Virgil Jordan

    Virgil Jordan hit it big playing Pick 3!... More
  • Ricardo Willis's  photo

    Ricardo Willis

    Congratulations to Vicksburg resident Ricardo Willis! Ricardo won... More
  • Rachel Hayes's  photo

    Rachel Hayes

    Rachel Hayes told Lottery staff it felt "great!"... More
  • Arecia Carhee's  photo

    Arecia Carhee

    "What a blessing!" Arecia Carhee thought as she... More
  • Delisa Payton's  photo

    Delisa Payton

    Congratulations to Slidell resident Delisa Payton on her... More
  • Berneta Daniels's  photo

    Berneta Daniels

    Congratulations to Shreveport winner Berneta Daniels on Pick... More
  • Johnny Henderson's  photo

    Johnny Henderson

    Congratulations to Johnny Henderson on his $790 Pick... More
  • Gregory Brown's  photo

    Gregory Brown

    Congratulations to Winnsboro resident Gregory Brown! He recently... More
  • Jintana Cochran's  photo

    Jintana Cochran

    Congratulations to Baton Rouge resident Jintana Cochran on... More
  • Carl Digilormo's  photo

    Carl Digilormo

    "I'm so happy my number finally came in!"... More
  • Genaa Nute's  photo

    Genaa Nute

    Congratulations to Farmerville resident Genaa Nute! She recently... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.