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  • Andrew Use's  photo

    Andrew Use

    Andrew Use of Houma always plays Lotto, so... More
  • Geraldine Joseph's  photo

    Geraldine Joseph

    Congratulations to Geraldine Joseph of Harvey on her... More
  • Woodrow Thomas's  photo

    Woodrow Thomas

    Woodrow Thomas of Lake Providence was so excited... More
  • Raymond Graza's  photo

    Raymond Graza

    Congratulations to Raymond Graza of New Iberia for... More
  • John Guidry's  photo

    John Guidry

    "This is my fourth time winning!" exclaimed John... More
  • Daniel Jones's  photo

    Daniel Jones

    Congratulations to Daniel Jones who won $1,093 on... More
  • Michael Pfender's  photo

    Michael Pfender

    Michael Pfender of Bossier City matched five of... More
  • Timmy Kepney's  photo

    Timmy Kepney

    Timmy Kepney of Shreveport was elated to discover... More
  • Jimmy Loyd's  photo

    Jimmy Loyd

    Congratulations to Jimmy Loyd of Ruston who matched... More
  • Jeffrey Meche's  photo

    Jeffrey Meche

    Jeffrey Meche plays Lotto every week and was... More
  • Anthony Hantz's  photo

    Anthony Hantz

    When Anthony Hantz dog woke him up it... More
  • Claudia Pickett's  photo

    Claudia Pickett

    Claudia Picket couldn't believe it when she realized... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.