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  • Phillip Price's  photo

    Phillip Price

    Congratulations to Phillip Price on his $1,162 Lotto... More
  • Haleigh Moore's  photo

    Haleigh Moore

    "I almost passed out!" Haleigh Moore explained of... More
  • Sidney Eubanks's  photo

    Sidney Eubanks

    Sidney purchased his winning ticket at Excel Mart... More
  • Jennifer Mello's  photo

    Jennifer Mello

    Congratulations to Lotto winner Jennifer Mello! The Bossier... More
  • Noah Falgoutt's  photo

    Noah Falgoutt

    "I was overjoyed," Noah Falgoutt said. "After playing... More
  • Joan Reilly's  photo

    Joan Reilly

    Congratulations to Joan Reilly on her match-5 Lotto... More
  • George Kendall's  photo

    George Kendall

    George purchased his winning ticket at The Store... More
  • Robert Secondi's  photo

    Robert Secondi

    Congratulations to Robert Secondi on his recent $2,694... More
  • Nasir Sohail's  photo

    Nasir Sohail

    Congratulations to Nasir Sohail! The Grand Coteau resident... More
  • Mark Wright's  photo

    Mark Wright

    Mark Wright said it felt "great" to discover... More
  • Peter Cormier's  photo

    Peter Cormier

    "Oh my!" Peter Cormier thought when he discovered... More
  • Eddy Crowell's  photo

    Eddy Crowell

    Eddy purchased his winning ticket at Big River... More


  • Winners appearing here are only those who granted the Lottery permission for publicity
  • This compilation does not include every Lottery winner.