Dameon Levine's $200,000 Cash winner photo
Game$200,000 Cash
RetailerCircle K #2740615

"I never buy $10 tickets," Winner Dameon Levine told Lottery staff, "just $1 and $2 (tickets)." When Dameon was in line at Circle K #2740615 in Abbeville, he happened to see the man in front of him purchase a $10 $200,000 Cash ticket, which gave him the idea to purchase his own! "I went back in and bought one more, started to scratch it and saw that first $1,000!" 

After revealing the Abbeville resident's first $1,000 win, he was so happy that he gave the original ticket purchaser $10. Once Dameon got home and told his wife the great news, he gathered his family to finish scratching off his ticket. "We saw another $1,000, and started counting and got to $10,000! It was the best family moment!" Dameon explained.

Dameon is pictured here with his wife Krishona Levine. He plans to use his winnings to pay off a few bills, celebrate their good fortune and put the rest in the bank. Congratulations! 

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