Aces High - Game No. 1402

Aces High FrontAces High Front mobileAces High ScratchedAces High Back
Game Summary
Ticket Price:$1
Top Prize:$2,100
Overall Odds of Winning:--
Top Prizes Remaining:--
Approximate Percent Claimed:--
Launch Date:11/15/21
Close Date:12/30/22
Final Redemption Date:04/29/23

How to Play

How to Play

WIN UP TO $2,100!

If any of YOUR CARDS beats the DEALER'S CARD, win PRIZE shown!

Cards rank in value from high to low:  A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.


Prize Chart
Tier PrizeOdds of WinningTotalClaimedRemaining
$2,1001 in 254,625--10--
$1001 in 2,404.01--1,152--
$301 in 281.72--9,826--
$201 in 250--11,038--
$101 in 125--21,961--
$51 in 83.30--32,421--
$41 in 62.52--42,677--
$21 in 22.73--115,593--
TICKET 1 in 8.33--308,383--
Prize data last updated: 09/21/2023 01:31:15 PM CDT

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