The Louisiana Lottery Corporation ended its fiscal year with over $653.3 million in revenue, making 2023 the Lottery’s best year ever. Resulting transfers to the state treasury for K-12 public education were more than $212 million, up nearly $20.9 million from last year and exceeding budgeted transfers by over $20.6 million. 

“The Lottery team is proud to have topped $650 million in sales for the very first time in our 32-year history with the last five years being our most successful!” said Lottery President Rose Hudson. “Solid scratch-off game sales fueled by generous prize payouts and exciting promotions as well as large jackpots helped drive a successful fiscal-year finish.”

Scratch-offs continued to be the top seller in the Lottery’s game portfolio, ending the year at $319.3 million, up approximately $26.5 million from last year. 

Over the last couple of years, the Lottery began adjusting scratch-off game prize structures, increasing prize payouts, adding more higher price-point games and launching new types of games with one-of-a-kind experiential prizes. This strategy has been well received by players, resulting in net gains for the state.

Sales of the Lottery’s daily numbers games, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5, were the second highest revenue generator, ending at approximately $138.4 million for fiscal year 2023. 

Multistate games Powerball and Mega Millions were given a 45% lift in 2023, thanks in large part to a $2 billion Powerball jackpot in November and $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot in January.

Fourth quarter figures for fiscal year 2023 show Lottery revenue totaled $146,554,473 with $43,352,911 being transferred to the state treasury.

The Lottery's total fiscal-year state transfers were $212,090,647. Since the Lottery began operations in 1991, more than $12.9 billion in revenue has been generated, primarily from ticket sales. Over $4.5 billion has been transferred to the state treasury, amounting to over 35% of total revenue.

In addition to state coffers, local businesses that sell Lottery products also benefited from the Lottery in fiscal year 2023. Fourth quarter retailer compensation totaled $8,331,936, including sales commission, incentives for cashing winning tickets and bonuses for selling big winning tickets, bringing fiscal year total earnings to $36.6 million. Since the Lottery’s inception, retailers have earned nearly $708.4 million.

Lottery ticket purchasers must be at least 21 years of age. The Lottery encourages anyone with a gambling problem, or friends of anyone with a gambling problem, to call toll-free 1-877-770-7867 for assistance. Recent financial statements and historical treasury transfers can be found on the Lottery’s website,