No.Game NameRemainingTop PrizePrice% SoldStart Date
740Big Money Doubler1 of 3$200,000$1094.2%03/04/2013
768Sizzlin' 71 of 3$200,000$1095.58%05/20/2013
785Lucky Diamonds1 of 3$200,000$1066.52%08/05/2013
817Mega Multiplier3 of 3$200,000$1012.55%03/31/2014
833$200,000 Jumbo Bucks2 of 3$200,000$1041.53%01/02/2014
706King's Ransom1 of 3$100,000$589.07%07/22/2013
777MONOPOLY2 of 10$100,000$585.25%02/11/2013
793Table Stakes1 of 3$100,000$588.7%09/30/2013
821Duck Dynasty®2 of 6$100,000$551.45%12/16/2013
805Cash Vault2 of 3$100,000$529.44%03/10/2014
829Casino Nights3 of 3$100,000$50.91%04/21/2014
813Red Hot 5s3 of 3$100,000$563.9%01/27/2014
796Bingo Mania1 of 4$30,000$362.62%10/28/2013
800Words With Friends™1 of 4$30,000$359.32%11/25/2013
820Crossword Club3 of 4$30,000$322.19%03/10/2014
816Blackout Bingo3 of 4$30,000$329.06%02/17/2014
804All That Glitters1 of 4$12,000$271.93%12/16/2013
819Neon 2s2 of 5$12,000$236.49%03/10/2014
828Triple Luck4 of 4$12,000$21.18%04/21/2014
815Cherry Blast3 of 4$12,000$244.74%02/17/2014
799Double-Up Dollars1 of 5$10,000$279.57%11/25/2013
827Firecracker Cash4 of 4$10,000$21.38%04/21/2014
848Pop Top Cash3 of 4$10,000$244.21%03/12/2014
809Double Match1 of 4$10,000$263.18%02/17/2014
8247773 of 5$7,777$231.22%03/31/2014
826Diamonds 4x8 of 8$4,000$11.37%04/21/2014
807Refund Check4 of 10$4,000$179.52%01/02/2014
823Hot Streak9 of 10$3,000$120.66%03/31/2014
814Triple Payout!2 of 8$3,000$165.57%02/17/2014
818Mudbuck$7 of 10$2,000$148.09%03/10/2014
839Mustache Cash3 of 8$1,000$173.58%01/06/2014
802Quick Cash2 of 10$1,000$163.72%12/16/2013
850Bring On The Bens10 of 11$1,000$119.88%03/31/2014
Prize data last updated: 04/24/2014 01:04:03 AM CDT


Every effort has been made to ensure that the preceding list of prize payouts is correct. However, in the event of an error, the winning numbers and prize payout amounts in the official files of the Louisiana Lottery shall be controlling.