No.Game NameRemainingTop PrizePrice% SoldStart Date
817Mega Multiplier1 of 3$200,000$1085%03/31/2014
853Silver 7s1 of 3$200,000$1057%06/02/2014
86350x The Cash4 of 4$200,000$107%09/15/2014
859Saints3 of 4$100,000$529%08/18/2014
821Duck Dynasty®1 of 6$100,000$576%12/16/2013
805Cash Vault1 of 3$100,000$586%03/10/2014
829Casino Nights2 of 3$100,000$568%04/21/2014
837$100,000 Cash2 of 3$100,000$569%06/02/2014
855Win It All1 of 3$100,000$541%07/21/2014
86220x The Cash2 of 3$100,000$512%09/15/2014
800Words With Friends™1 of 4$30,000$389%11/25/2013
820Crossword Club1 of 4$30,000$380%03/10/2014
832Crazy Ball Bingo2 of 3$30,000$343%06/23/2014
836Spicy Hot Crossword2 of 3$30,000$329%07/21/2014
816Blackout Bingo1 of 4$30,000$370%02/17/2014
835Ace In The Hole1 of 4$14,000$267%06/23/2014
857Spooky Cash2 of 4$13,000$256%08/18/2014
819Neon 2s1 of 5$12,000$281%03/10/2014
828Triple Luck1 of 4$12,000$281%04/21/2014
852Scoop The Cash2 of 4$10,000$279%06/02/2014
854Wild 10'S3 of 5$10,000$269%07/21/2014
86110x The Cash4 of 5$10,000$222%09/15/2014
858Power 7s4 of 5$7,777$242%08/18/2014
8605x The Cash9 of 9$5,000$122%09/15/2014
823Hot Streak3 of 10$3,000$175%03/31/2014
822Lucky Bucks3 of 8$3,000$179%06/23/2014
8517-11-21 Tripler2 of 15$2,100$189%05/12/2014
847Blackjack7 of 15$2,100$150%07/21/2014
856Payout8 of 12$2,000$131%08/18/2014
850Bring On The Bens2 of 11$1,000$175%03/31/2014
830Summer Days3 of 10$1,000$178%05/12/2014
8409s To Win8 of 16$1,000$165%06/23/2014
Prize data last updated: 10/01/2014 03:14:02 AM CDT


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