No.Game NamePriceStart DateClose DateFinal Redemption
846Crazy 7s$211/05/201312/24/201304/23/2014
795Winter Wishes$210/28/201312/27/201304/26/2014
745Triple Cash$107/29/201312/27/201304/26/2014
774Triple Gold$206/17/201301/24/201405/24/2014
783Bank Roll$208/05/201302/01/201405/31/2014
803Lucky In Love$212/16/201303/04/201407/02/2014
782Double Doubler$108/05/201303/06/201407/04/2014
780Cash Crazy Crossword$307/15/201303/13/201407/11/2014
792Triple Fortune$211/25/201304/02/201407/30/2014
784BLACK & GOLD SAINTS$508/05/201304/04/201408/01/2014
806Carnival Cash$101/02/201404/08/201408/05/2014
808Purple Green Gold$201/02/201404/12/201408/09/2014
80120X The Cash$1009/30/201304/12/201408/09/2014
Prize data last updated: 04/19/2014 02:54:02 AM CDT


  • The following list of closed scratch-off games and corresponding deadlines for claiming a prize is updated daily.
  • Scratch-off prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the announced closure of the game, as reflected in the following end-of-redemption dates.
  • Scratch-off games are closed when all of the top prizes in a game have been claimed, when all of the tickets in a game have been substantially sold, or at the discretion of the Lottery's president.