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With the new year, the Lottery is looking to new technology to help increase its retail presence. Self-serve vending machines called WinStations are being deployed on a very limited basis in select retail locations. WinStations are a tool to increase overall Lottery sales by expanding product awareness and availability while adding to player convenience. To begin with, 20 locations will be utilized based on store traffic, trade style, size and market penetration. WinStation retailers have agreed to adhere to stringent requirements including training, reporting and maintaining minimum WinStation inventory in addition to their current dispenser count.

What is a WinStation?

WinStations are essentially self-service vending machines that allow Lottery players to purchase draw-style and scratch-off tickets without the aid of a salesperson. Similar to other vending machines, customers insert bills into the WinStation, select the draw-style game button or scratch-off game window for the ticket(s) they desire, and the machine automatically dispenses the tickets. It's as simple as that! WinStations can also be used to check the value of Louisiana Lottery tickets.

What tickets can I buy on the WinStation?

WinStations dispense any type of draw-style game ticket and select scratch-off game tickets. Scratch-off game availability may vary depending upon the retailer.

How can I purchase tickets from the WinStation?

It's easy and fun!

  1. Scan Your Driver's License. The WinStation must first confirm you are least 21 years old, the minimum age to purchase Lottery tickets.
  2. Insert Exact Bills in the Bill Acceptor. Once your age is verified, the Bill Acceptor lights go from blinking to solid green indicating that you can now enter bills in denominations of $20 or less for up to $100 in purchase credit. WinStations DO NOT give change and all sales are final.
  3. Select Game Button. As you enter bills, your credits appear on the screen and draw-style game buttons light up indicating enough funds to make that purchase. Using the one-touch yellow buttons below the game logos, you can purchase Quick Pick tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Easy 5, Pick 3 and Pick 4 valid for the next drawing. The different prices provide multiple plays. For Pick 3 and Pick 4, these buttons will produce straight plays. To purchase a scratch-off game, simply select the button of the game you desire. The ticket cost appears below the button. If that game is no longer available in the machine, the message "Out" appears instead of the ticket cost.


  1. Insert a Completed Playslip in the Playslip Reader Slot. If you want to choose your own numbers, play a box or combo for Pick 3 or Pick 4, or to add options like multidraw, Power Play, Megaplier or ezmatch, visit the Lottery Play Center at your retailer and fill out a playslip using black or blue ink. Insert the slip face-up into the Playslip Reader slot. If your playslip is not filled out correctly or if there are not enough credits to purchase what is selected on the playslip, the WinStation will prompt you to insert more money or select another product.
  2. Grab Your Ticket & Good Luck! The WinStation will deduct the proper amount of credits required for your selection and dispense your ticket(s) in the bottom tray or draw-style ticket dispenser. You can continue to make product selections until all purchase credits are used. The WinStation does not dispense change.

When can I purchase tickets from a WinStation?

WinStations will dispense scratch-offs as long as there is power. WinStations will NOT generate tickets for draw-style games if satellite communication is down or during a game's draw break. For Powerball and Mega Millions, the draw break is 9-10 p.m. on the night of the drawing. For all other draw-style games, the draw break starts at 9:30 p.m. and lasts only a few minutes. Any tickets purchased after a draw break are good for the next regularly scheduled drawing.

How can I use the WinStation to check my tickets?

To check the value of any Louisiana Lottery ticket, center the bar code on the front of your ticket three to four inches below the "Did You Win?" scanner. The screen will indicate whether your ticket is a winner and its value. You do not have to scan your driver's license in order to check a ticket - only to make a purchase. Obviously, the drawing has to have occurred for the WinStation to check draw-style game tickets.

What are my options for cashing a winning ticket on the WinStation?

The WinStation DOES NOT dispense cash or pay prizes in cash. However, if your ticket has won $25 or less, you can scan it again to have the WinStation validate it and receive CREDIT to make a purchase at the machine. This includes free tickets. When validating a free-ticket prize, you will receive purchase credit equal to the price point of the ticket redeemed.

If your ticket is worth between $26 and $600, the WinStation will indicate the prize amount and prompt you to take your ticket to a retailer to claim your winnings. If your ticket is worth more than $600, the WinStation will prompt you to sign the back and claim your prize at a Lottery office.

What should I do if the WinStation misprints my ticket or dispenses the wrong ticket?

All sales on the WinStation are final and all transactions are recorded. Should you believe the WinStation generated an unreadable ticket or a ticket different from the button depressed, you may seek assistance from the retailer to resolve the situation.

What is being done to prevent underage play on WinStations?

The Lottery strongly promotes the legal and responsible use of its products. The law requires that retailers obtain proof of age through proper identification (including government issued IDs and drivers' licenses) in order to purchase a Lottery ticket. This requirement is met by the WinStation's functionality necessitating the scan of a valid driver's license indicating the user is at least 21 years of age. In addition, each WinStation is equipped with a remote deactivation device that retailers can utilize if they suspect a WinStation customer is underage.

Where are WinStations located?

A current list of confirmed location includes:

Winn Dixie Store #1430
5400 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans

Circle K #2707663
2100 Veterans Blvd., Kenner

Winn Dixie Store #1329
211 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie

Winn Dixie Store #1472
401 N. Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans

Riverside Travel Center
65583 Pump Slough Road, Pearl River

Circle K #2707669
3530 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie

Circle K #1712
1200 South Morrison Blvd., Hammond

Albertsons #2750
4857 Government Street, Baton Rouge

Super 1 Foods #629
3916 Evangeline Thruway, Carencro

Albertsons #2719
4400 Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, Lafayette

Delta Downs Racetrack & Casino
2717 Highway 3063, Vinton

Love's Truck Stop #523
126 Lexington Drive, Duson

Albertsons #2715
2265 S. MacArthur Drive, Alexandria

Super 1 Foods #617
1500 N. Trenton Street, Ruston

Pilot Travel Center #665
9510 Greenwood Road, Greenwood

Pilot Travel Center #199
490 North Elm Street, Haughton

Love's Travel Stop #209
9600 Highway 80 West, Greenwood

Love's Travel Stop #243
1118 Lowe Grout Road, Iowa

Love's Travel Stop #240
751 Lobdell Highway, Port Allen

RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. #380
1720 Gause Blvd., Slidell

Based on sales, the Lottery may consider additional locations where it makes financial sense.